In my last post, I wrote about new beginnings. The problem with new beginnings is they take a while to put into place, and then you have a lot to talk about all at once to get all of that newness out there where everyone can find out about it, so this blog is chalk full of news. Let’s get right down to it! Since we in the social media are supposed to keep things short and to the point, I feel the use of bullet points is in order.
  • We have new inventory arriving daily. That’s not a slogan. It is the literal truth. We will be rolling out pics on Facebook, Twitter and Ravelry, so be sure to like, follow and join us.  Also, please share and re-tweet to spread the word.  The more new customers we have, the more great inventory we can bring to you!
  • We have a new interactive calendar right here on our website.  Click on the word “Notes” after each calendar entry for a full explanation of what the class or event is. Then call the shop to sign up for the classes and events!!
  • We are introducing our Fabulous Fiber Fridays this month.  Every 3rd Friday, we will have some kind of event for you to attend.  For our first event on September 19th, we are very happy to be hosting an awesome trunk show from Mindy Wilkes Designs. Meet Mindy and see her beautiful shawls and accessories in person. Her patterns (and of course our yarns) will be available for sale during the trunk show.
  • Our first Cash for Stash sale will be held September 20th and 21st. Everyone who has heard about this is so excited!!  Now you are about to be, too. You drop off your unloved stash you want to sell during the week before the sale starts, then come back to shop for great bargains on the sale days.  If your stash sells, you get Knit On! Cash to spend like money in the shop.  The details are in the Cash for Stash Sale Note on the calendar.
  • Why do people wait until two weeks before a baby shower to send out the invitations? Don’t they know it takes time to make a baby afghan? With our Baby Afghan Club, you never again will be caught unprepared. We will meet every 2nd and 4th Thursday to build our stash of baby  afghans and increase our skills.  There will be one knit and one crochet selection every month or two, depending on the speed with which we complete our projects. Check out the calendar for pics of this month’s selections. Nanci and Linny will be teaching.
  • While you are on the calendar, check out the new classes. In September, TJ is teaching Blocking 101 and Oops! I Can Fix That! We are offering a $10 discount if you want to take both classes. More classes in September include Scrubbies with Sally, Beaded Elegance Bracelets with Nanci and our Learn to Knit or Crochet/Student’s Choice with Sally which is offered every week all year round.
  • Look ahead to October classes when Laura will be teaching a lace series (Lace 1, 2, 3).  She has three beautiful projects lined up for you. If you take all three sessions you will get a $10 discount.  Sally will be teaching a three part sock knitting class and Dina will be back with Crochet By Numbers. If you have not seen Dina’s work, you have missed out.  It is amazing.  Her crocheted portraits look like photographs. Four samples of her work are hanging in the shop, so take a look when you stop in this week. Wouldn’t it be great to crochet an afghan to look like your favorite photograph? Our October Fabulous Fiber Friday will feature a trunk show of gorgeous shawls and other models from Baah Yarn. There will also be an abundance of Baah Yarn on hand for your fondling (and purchasing) pleasure.
  • Did I mention we have tons (not literally) of new treasures in the shop? Stop in to see them all (and buy some of them, too).
See? I told you we've been busy! We hope you will take advantage of all of these great classes and events in the shop. We are putting them together for you.  If there is a class you would like to take or an event you would like to attend, but we haven’t thought of it, just let us know.  We love to hear from you.  We will do our best to accommodate all reasonable requests. Call 859-291-5648 or email



Rita Arthur
09/09/2014 1:35pm

Glad to see your New Beginnings and a fresh look. Your yarn selection is the best!

Knit On!
09/09/2014 6:10pm

Thanks so much, Rita!


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